"L-control" Lipiński i Marcinkowski Sp. J.


Each project is calculated to achieve the maximum use of technical opportunities of transport and storage equipment at optimal cost. The design work are in accordance with the guidelines contained in the standards PN-EN 528, PN-EN 954-1, PN-EN 1050, PN-EN 60204-1, PN-EN 60439-1, PN-EN 619 and newly applicable standards for safety of machinery EN 62061 i EN ISO 13849-1 (necessary to apply from 30.11.2009), what is the basis for the final issue of the security certificate law and sign installation with CE mark.

For pallets transport system we offer standard solutions with roller and chain conveyors as well as specialized transfer modules, turntables, lifting tables, etc.

The sample of pallet transport system produced by TGW Mechanics GmbH Austria

Vertical transport of pallets is realized through such devices as frame lifts or strap lifts with load capacity up to 2400 kG.
In the framework of comprehensive logistics project we offer:

In addition, we specialize in modern, energy-efficient automation and control applications meeting program "innovative management" which are funded from the European Union Fund. We can boast the multiannual cooperation with the technical departments of electrical power and drive units largest manufacturers such as Siemens Poland, Lenze Poland and Lenze Austria (partner of TGW Mechanics), SEW Poland, which experienced application engineers are raising the professionalism of our ventures.
We pursue close contacts with products managers of Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies division. Two concepts developed in the company, Totally Integrated Automation and Totally Integrated Power, are for us the basis for modern and energy efficient solutions. In the field of industrial IT networks we work with the Profibus PNO Poland. Thanks described above contacts we were among the first in Poland, who they have designed and realized the installation of the transport system in the PROFIsafe technology (specification for communication applications related to safety and security).